The TRUE lifestyle with YOU

Creating the lifestyle that you want can be very challenging at times.


I’m glad that you asked. First, let’s define lifestyle.


  • the way in which a person or group lives.
  • denoting the advertising or products designed to appeal to a consumer by association with a desirable LIFESTYLE 

In a nutshell, trying to keep up with the Joneses can be hard. Looking in from the outside can be rough. Trying to measure up to the next creator, the next publisher and or the next designer can only lead to heartache.


BUT  creating the lifestyle that you want based on the things that you already have in place, the original content “material” that is already present and or course your own thought process can be as mind blowing as the content that many celebrities today has put out.

I found myself trying to compare myself to other writers, creators and or business owners. But I had to do a self evaluation and realize that I AM the creator or my lifestyle. Not that it’s perfect, but it’s original. So here I am today a mom, businesswoman, an author, a veteran and educated..... yes educated. 

Life isn’t easy but I love it...



until next time 

     Be YOU



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