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Are you building your OWN table?

Charity TysonComment


A woman building her own table is a powerful thing!!!! I not talking about the table that you would eat breakfast at. I’m talking about a table of circumstance, a table of love and a table of friends who will always have your back.

Be able to see the way that your table operate when you have the right people in your corner is real eye opener.

Let’s talk about the table that I have. My table is small but it’s built with structure and faith. My faith is BIG girl!!!!

  • My faith has lead me to have people in my corner that I would have not thought was possible.

  • My faith has given me mentors that I thought would have not remembered little ole me… I mean that girl.

  • My faith has lead me to trust God so that the doors will be open in my life that only he can open.

I’m here to tell you that it works

What are you building your table off of?