What does it mean to be Persistent

What does it mean to be Persistent


Persistent: Continuing firmly or obstinately in a course of action in spite of the difficult opposition.

On your journey of being yourself you will find it quite challenging when you get comfortable in certain situations. But you have to keep pushing through it. Do it for YOU.

There are many challenges that we all face on a daily basis and we want to overcome them. But along the way we decide that we just have to stop. That is not the answer. We have to keep going.

If you are a woman who want to bring light to every situation. You must be PERSISTENT.

If you want to follow your dream of having a new career or being your own boss, you must be PERSISTENT.

Even when you are not feeling your best and want to pull your hair out on some days, you must be PERSISENT and keep the positive actions going.

Why? Because YOU deserve it and You have people depending on YOU.