Money Management

Money Management

There is no doubt in my mind that every time you see that new purse or the latest on a clothing line that you just have to have it.... But in all actuality you DONT. Why? Because its NOT a necessity. Be FRUGAL but not CHEAP. There is a difference.

The process of Money Management is actually easy. All you have to do is create a monthly budget and STICK TO IT. The best way to look at is as though you are PAYING YOURSELF back. (Invest in YOURSELF)

When you are managing your money you are creating a safety net. This is not just for you. But for your immediate family as well.

EXAMPLE: You have been looking for a new place of employment because you are miserable at your current workplace. You have two options.
OPTION 1. Wait it out until you have found another job and then quit.
OPTION 2. Quit your job and continue to search.

NOW.....You say " Quit my job?" Yes That is one of the reasons why you have your safety net. Manage you Money.

TIP: You should have at least six months worth of income in your savings account just in case something drastic happens in your life.