Its OK To Be YOU
Its OK To Be YOU
"Helping women make the RIGHT decisions with ACTION!"

Charity tyson

Charity is a great leader, counselor and worldwide encourager.  She was born in Americus, Ga. She is a veteran of the United States Georgia Army National Guard. She attended University of Phoenix and holds an Associates Degree in Elementary Education. Charity loves to read poetry and listen to jazz music in her spare time and involves more in family activities.

With Charity's experience, she is currently the founder of “It’s OK to be YOU” . Charity has written a lot of encouraging quotes that helped young women today in moving forward and makes them know who they are i.e. self-definition.

"As a young woman, you must find time to be encouraged and encourage others"

“The best way to practice self-happiness is to start with a smile. When you wake up in the morning, give yourself a smile. Tell yourself that you are beautiful, because you are. No day is too hard to where you can't give yourself a smile. It's simple. Smile and are a queen in the making. Love yourself girl”

Charity is coaching people to produce unprecedented outcomes in their lives, career, organizations or associations, helping them to overcome any issues between where they are currently and where they need to be. She offer personal coaching on sessions on life transformations. She guides and encourages women to do better, be better and to give more.